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About Us

The Mountain Bargain Hunter is a weekly publication by The Appalachian News-Express that features everything from small classifieds, to full-page color ads. MBH has the largest distribution in 3 states, spans a 9 county area, and reaches 72,000 readers every week! It takes 8 different newspapers, or 14 different radio stations to reach the same number of people!

Contact Us

For any questions, concerns, inquiries, or to speak with an Account Executive, please email us, or call us at (606) 437-1528

Production Team

Your PhotoBobby Gilliam

Production Manager

Your PhotoAndrew Littleton

Advertising Design, Webmaster

Your PhotoJamie Beckett

Advertising Design

Your PhotoDaniel Bush


Advertising Team

Your PhotoMike Davis

Advertising Director

Your PhotoLynn Massey

Account Executive

Your PhotoMelissa Keller

Account Executive

Your PhotoTony Thacker

Account Executive

Your PhotoAshley Smith

Account Executive

Your PhotoKrista Duty

Account Executive